My name is Steve and I am the owner of this website Online Business Ideas.

     My objective with this website is to help others to create their own online business. That way, they will have more time to dedicate to the real important things in life like family, friends, etc. That is exactly what I have done myself and I want to help anyone else to do the same.

     Just about one year ago I was in college studying business administration. I wanted to get a good university degree and hopefully find a nice job at some big company that would pay me a decent salary.

     But after a couple of years at college, I found out that I didn´t want that kind of life. I didn´t want to spend the rest of my life working for somebody else and therefore I started to think about creating my own business.

     I started to investigate in internet about this idea of creating my own business, and after examining different possibilities, I decided that I would like to create an online business.


Failure Leads To Success

     The truth is that it happened to be much harder than I had thought in the beggining. I tried quite a few different things to create my online business, but I failed.

     I was very excited at the beggining, but after failing several times, I started to get demotivated and thought that maybe it would be better to get back to college and get my degree. I seriously started to think that maybe the possibility of creating an online bussines wasn´t for me …

     about-me-2Then I found another possibility in internet which seemed interesting, so I decided that it would be my last try. If that last possibility didn´t work, I would give up the idea of creating an online business and would get back to college.

     The truth is that this last program that I found out surprised me from the beggining. Instead of trying to make money using other websites, this platform taught me how to create my own website, my own business.

     They taught me to create a website based on something that really interested me, so that way I would know what the web was all about.

     I thought that creating a website and writing blogs and posts about something that you know about or you like, was an interesting concept. Furthermore, the system they proposed had another big advantage to me:  you didn´t need to care about the shipping or the product and the customer service.

     About 6 months after I started to try this new system, I already had my website finished and my business running. I was already making some money, so I finally forgot the idea about going back to college and decided to dedicate 100% on growing my website and business.


My Present Situation

     I have now been working at my own website/business for about two years and I make enough money to live out of it. Having my own business allows me to organize my day and spend more time with my family and my friends. Besides that, as it is an online business, I can make money even if I am doing something else at that moment.

     I am not saying this to impress you or anything similar. But I do want you to believe that it is possible to create an online business and live out of it. If I have made it, any of you also can !!!

     Before I found this platform, I knew nothing about building a website or writing posts. I had never thought about doing something similar to what I do today for a living. But I got the right formation and even if I had to work hard at the beggining, I finally made it !!!

     Today I make enough money to live on my online business and the best thing is that I don´t need to work full time (8 hours every day) to do so. I never thought I would end up working in an online business. It takes a little hard work at the beggining, but then you only need to follow the instructions and a little patience.

     I am currently thinking about creating some more websites during 2020, and I would also like to help other people to do the same thing. I believe that the internet provides a great opportunity to create businesses and I don´t want anybody to loose this fantastic opportunity.

     Based in my own experience, I would say that there are 3 essential things to be able to achieve success with an online business:

          1. You need to be passionate about whatever you are doing.

          2. You need a platform or similar where you can get the technical help you need.

          3. You need to find a community that will suport and motivate you.

     If you really are interested in creating an online business and making money, I think you should click on this link.

     That link above will take you to the platform that has helped me to reach my present situation.

     Have a look at it and you will see it for yourself !!!