Today I want to write a review about Earn Cash Yearly. There is a lot of people who signs into this program to earn some money through the affiliate marketing. But is Earn Cash Yearly a scam ?

     The affiliate marketing is a very good way to earn money online. And Earn Cash Yearly claims over and over again that it is a platform to teach people how to make money within that sector.

     I have studied the platform and I am going to give you my personal opinion in this post.


Earn Cash Yearly


Price:             $2,95 for a 7 day trial, $49,50 every 15 days after the trial.

Owner:           Jean ?  (Unknown).

Suitable for:   Right now, nobody.


Advantages And Disadvantages

     Before going any further, first of all I would like to explain which ones are in my opinion the main advantages and disadvantages of this platform.


  • It is based in the affiliate marketing, which is one of the best ways to make money online.
  • It teaches how to use Adsense to make money with advertisements.
  • It teaches how to use Clickbank.


  • The sales page is confusing, difficult to understand.
  • You don´t create your own business, you have to trust in the owner´s webpages.
  • The price of the platform is not clear.
  • The screenshots seem very strange …

     To make it short, the best part of Earn Cash Yearly is that it shows how can you make money with affiliate marketing and that is a very good option to build a business and work from home. But the truth is that at the same time they make you believe that you are going to build your own business, but in reality you have to trust in somebody else´s webpage where you will put banners.



Who Is Earn Cash Yearly Suitable For ?

     Since the very beginning, the owner of the web Jean, starts her message saying “Dear entrepenneur …”. That is a very clear signal that the target audience for the program is to people that are interested in starting their own new business.

     Jean´s history is more or less similar to many other webpages that announce different ways to make money in the internet. Basically she says that she tried several different internet products to create a business and failed with all of them, and at the end she decided to build her own system/program.

     earn-cash-yearly-3Jean also says that she was interviewed and appeared in several magazines about internet and business. But after doing some research, I haven´t been able to find anything about that in the web and she doesn´t include any link in the website either.

     I do believe that if she really appeared in a magazine, the easiest thing would be to include a link in a visible place of her website. That would give her some credibility and if it was true, I think she would have done it. But frankly, I believe that this Jean (I don´t even know if it is her real name) is just a scammer and probably everything that she says about the interview, etc. is just absolutely false.

     As you browse through her web, she talks about Google and Clickbank many times and writes them in bright red colour. She also repeats over and over again that she is earning thousands of dollars with a website in Google Search and Clickbank.

     To be honest, I think it is difficult to believe, because she talks about money that she made in 2014 using Windows XP and an internet browser with a very old version … It seems as if the screenshot she includes is older and then she has just changed the date to make it look more recent …

     I am absolutely convinced that creating your own webpage is a good way to make a good amount of money in the internet. But what she proposes in her web Earn Cash Yearly seems quite a strange thing to me.



Earn Cash Yearly Training And Tools

     When I first entered the homepage of this platform, I was sure that they would teach me how to create my own website. But when you continue reading, they start mentioning domains, other webpages, etc. And that is when the strange things appear …

     earn-cash-yearly-4At the beginning they talk to you about starting your own business. They tell you that if you buy their program they will teach you how to build your own website and start your own business.

     But then at the end, they tell you that for the trial you can purchase a domain and some 300 webpages … ?  That clearly shows that you actually are not going to build your own web or start your own business. You are just going to pay someone else (supposedly this Jean) who will create the webpages for you by purchasing a domain from her.

     The domain names cost much less than they are charging you for it at Earn Cash Yearly. And if we talk about the content of the webpages, it usually is a simple “copy and paste”, which exactly the opposite of what Google wants for their Adsense program.

     So, the truth is that there is almost no training at all. I tried to contact other people who had also used Earn Cash Yearly and ask them about the training, but I didn´t get any positive answer.



Earn Cash Yearly Price

     This is in my opinion the worst thing about Earn Cash Yearly. The real price for the trial is not clear at all, and you cannot know how much is it going to cost you.

     The 7 day trial period appears with a price or $2.95, but when you actually click to confirm the payment, if you read carefully, you will see that you are also accepting $49.50 payments every two weeks after the trial period.

     earn-cash-yearly-7Isn´t the trial period actually to confirm whether you like a product or a service, and afterwards decide if you want to sign up and continue or leave it ?

     This is what really bothers me about this web. There are hidden costs and you don´t even get a trial period. If you want to sign up for the so called trial period, you have to give them you credit card data and afterwards they will charge you additional payments every two weeks.

     If at least they would explain it clearly, people could choose whether to accept it or not, but it is not clear at all.

     Jean or whoever is behind this website has no problem at all showing whatever she considers important or attractive in big red coloured text. But when it comes down to the real price of the service, she lets you find it out for yourself, but of course, after you have made the payment for the initial trial period.



Some Other Strange Things

     I investigated a little further to try to discover who is really behind this platform or who is “Jean” who appears as the owner, and I found out some other strange things that I want you to know.

     First of all, the comment of the people who appear in the website. The photos of the people that appear in the comments don´t seem to have been taken with a mobile phone, just like Jean asks people to do … Frankly, they look like pictures you can buy in the internet to use for anything …

     That way it is very easy for anyone to include some positive opinions about a particular product, using fake names and comments.

     earn-cash-yearly-6Anyway, as I wanted to be absolutely sure, I decided to research a bit further to see if I could also find something strange about that people and their opinions and comments.

     And I discovered that Jean or whoever is really behind this scam website uses exactly the same pictures and testimonials to promote another product called CB Affiliate Sales. This product is very similar to Earn Cash Yearly except for the fact that it is very focused in Clickbank. 

     If you click on the above link to CB Affiliate Sales, you will see that it has almost the same structure as the home page of Earn Cash Yearly. And you will also find some familiar faces and comments …

     Take a look at the testimonials of the people and you will perfectly understand what I mean. The testimonials are exactly the same in the two websites.

     For me that means a clear red alert. People´s testimonial, opinions and comments should always be real and specific for each product, website or platform.

     I am a specialist in finding this kind of strange things in scam websites in the internet. And believe me, you better stay away from this kind of websites or platforms.



Final Judgment

     My final judgment about Earn Cash Yearly is that it is a scam website. It is not transparent at all and therefore I believe that you better stay away from it. My money (and yours) would not be very safe in a place like that.

      There is no proof at all to think that this “Jean” is really a real person and not just a character. Her picture could easily have been bought at the internet and anyone could have built the website with the only objective of receiving payments from other people.

     This kind of websites are responsible for the bad image of the Affiliate Marketing industry. The Affiliate Marketing is a legit way to make money in the internet, but not the way that Earn Cash Yearly proposes …

My opinion:


IT´S  A SCAM !!!



     I believe that this website was created with the only purpose of making money cheating people. And not to help other people start their own businesses in the internet.

     But you, do you want to start a real business in the internet ?

     Then maybe you would like to have a look at the platform that I recommend. I have been able to start my own affiliate business with its help. And right now, I make enough money with it to live comfortably, and I am sure you can do the same if you really try hard enough.


Looking For The Right Training ?  Click Here !!!



     Tell me what you think. Is Earn Cash Yearly a scam ?  Have you visited their web and seen enough to decide to stay away from it ?



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Is Earn Cash Yearly A Scam

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