Internet Scams To Avoid

     I started to create an online business on the internet about two years ago, and during that process I have found a lot of scams around.

     There is a huge amount of scam webpages online. There are also many websites that will tell you stories about scam websites and will try to convince you that their product is not one of them, but something totally different. But be careful, that is also a good tactic to cheat people and try to get money out of them.

     Here you can find a clear example of a scam that I found some time ago, have a look and you will understand what I mean.

     My objective with this website is to provide a clear and totally transparent information, so that you can create your own online business. I will try to teach you several different and simple methods that actually work. And I can guarantee that these methods are totally legitimate practices.

     Before I finally found the right way to create a legitimate online business, I tried several different things, some of them similar to the scams we are trying to avoid here. I tried and actually made some money copy and pasting content with different companies. But the money I made that way was nothing compared to what I earn now with my own website.

     I also spammed in Facebook groups, copied and pasted advertisements to get people to take survey trials and I also tired to make some money with a few scams. I tried all those things because somebody at some web recommended to do so.

     Usually it was somebody who would show up in a website, pretending to have a top-level lifestyle that I would like to achieve for myself. But those things are just not real and I learned the lesson, even if it was the hard way …

     I don´t live in a big luxury house, I don´t drive an expensive sports car and I don´t spend most of my time travelling around on holidays. I live in an apartment and drive quite an old car, but I am making enough money to live confortably and I am my own boss.



Now I Like My Lifestyle

     internet-scams-to-avoid-8I started about two years ago to try to create my own online business in the internet. Right now I am my own boss and I decide my working hours. I basically work whenever I want to work and I don´t need to work 8 hours everyday to get a passive money income. A passive money income is money that is generated without someone needing to do anything.

     Of course, you need an initial hard work to create your website and you also need to maintain it afterwards. But internet works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and once your business is running, you can earn money even if you are not working at your web. You can even stay several days without being connected to your web and you will continue making money the same way.

     Internet is the perfect place for a passive income business. You can set up a website which will stay there indefinitely and will continue working with a little maintenance work. It can make money almost automatically, it is great !!!

     If you really want to make money in the internet, you need to have your own website. Nowadays, this is absolutely essential.

     We all live in a totally digital world. Everyone has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. and the access to the internet is easier and cheaper than ever before.

     If you find somebody on the internet who says that you can earn money online without creating your own website, I strongly recommend you to get away as fast as you can. It is probably a scam that only wants to get your money.

     You will find websites showing people driving sports cars who will tell you that they make huge amounts of money on the internet from the confort of their luxury homes. But those things just don´t exist and usually are only false stories to trick you and to try to get money out of you.

     I have seen a lot of scams and I have fallen for a few of them. I have spent quite a lot of money in these scams and lost almost all of it. That is why I can tell you that you should be very careful when you read stories about making lots of money quickly and easily.



I Almost Gave Up

     I lost almost all my money in those scams and was totally demotivated. My family and friends thought I was crazy to try to create an online business and earn money without being an internet expert. But my desire was still too strong to give up. I knew that there were people actually making a full-time income out of the internet and therefore I knew that it had to be possible for me too.

     When I was at my lowest, I found a promising looking platform on the internet. It was supposed to teach anyone how to make their own website.

     internet-scams-to-avoid-12It was the first time I had found a place that would teach how to build a web, so I had the impression that it was something new, something different. As I didn´t have any experience at all in making websites, I was pretty skeptical at the beggining. I thought it would be very technical and very difficult for someone like me. But I thought that I would never really know if I didn´t try and I decided to go for it.

     To my initial surprise, it turned out to be a platform where I actually learned not only to build a website, but also a lot of things about real business. And I also earned money !!!  I didn´t have to learn complicated technical stuff to create a website and to be honest it was much easier than I would have expected.



A Serious Business Takes Time

     The most important thing about business that I have learned so far is that it takes time to create it. And frequently quite a lot of time. Patience is very important when you get involved in the world of business, no matter if it is online or not.

     When I created my first website I earned $4.79 in my first month and I can now tell you it is not that bad for a brand new website. On average, a brand new website will need about 4 to 8 months to start earning some money if everything is done properly.

     internet-scams-to-avoid-10After I built my first website, I needed almost 10 months to really start to make some good money. And a little later I decided to leave everything else and dedicate full time to my new business, and I can tell you that it was a very pleasant feeling.

     So, if you really want to create a business in the internet and make money online, you must know that it is absolutely possible, because I have been able to do it myself without any previous experience.

     All you need is a little patience and the ability to learn and implement the skills that you will learn. I have seen a lot of people giving up within the first months after creating their website, because they didn´t see any money coming in yet. They were doing things the right way, but they just didn´t have a little patience. They quit just before hitting the diamonds !!!

     So, if you are really interested in building a serious business online,  I recommend you to open a free account with the platform I used and to take a look around it. It is totally free.

     If you like to learn new things and have a little patience, please click the link below and you will find all the information you need to start working on your projects. I hope that it will allow other people change their life the same way it changed mine.


Ready To Start ?  Click Here !!!



     Just open a starter account and try. It is absolutely free, you don´t have to pay anything and it allows you to make your first two websites and get an initial training. You can have a look around the entire platform and decide for yourself if you want to continue with the idea of building a website and create a business online.



Don´t Loose The Opportunity

     Beware of the scams on the internet that speak about easy and quick money and choose real websites that teach you interesting things that you will be able to use in the future.

     The link above will take you to a webpage with a lot of information about the platform that I use to create my websites and actually earn money online. If you are really looking for a way to create a business online, your search can stop right here.



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Internet Scams To Avoid

2 thoughts on “Internet Scams To Avoid

  • December 1, 2016 at 12:26 AM

    Hey there,

    I see your online journey to where you are currently at has been pretty much the same as mine, especially the giving up.

    And I think almost everyone who’s has made success online followed that path too, and much worse for people who are just starting out, and don’t get to read this post.

    They are going to burn their fingers down through the thousands predator scams out there.

    • December 1, 2016 at 5:10 PM

      Hello Dave and thanks for your comments.

      As you say, there are a lot of scams around in the internet and unfortunately it is difficult for newbies not to be cheated by some of them. I hope my post can help a few of them …


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