If you want to start your own business in the internet, you need to know what is SEO marketing about. That will allow you to provide the exact information to the right people who are looking for it.

     But before starting to describe how do they work, I would like to explain what a SEO is, because I am sure that some of you don´t know it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

     We all use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing everyday to find the webpages or products we are looking for. When we create our own website, it is very important to know how to get a good ranking in those search engines, so that our website will appear in one of the top positions whenever someone makes a search. The amount of traffic that your website will receive will be directly related to the position it gets in the main search engine rankings.

Find The Right Keywords

     To get a good ranking in the SEO-s, it is important to use the right keywords in your website. There are several tools that can help you find the proper keywords.

     Google has its own tool, named Google Keyword Planner. Google usually has good tools that provide very accurate information, but in this case the keyword tool is not so good.

     So, we need to look for another tool that will provide more detailed information and we also need to understand which keywords are the best ones to include in the different posts contained in our website.

     But first of all I would like to explain another thing which I believe is very important in all this process. For example, imagine that you are building a website about machines for physical exercises and different workouts you can perform with them.

     You shouldn´t try to use keywords like “machines for exercises”, because it seems quite simple and there are probably hundreds of websites already containing the same keyword. Therefore you would have a lot of competition and it would be very difficult to get a good ranking using that keyword. You should try to use another type of keywords that I call “low hanging fruit”.

     “Low hanging fruit” keywords are far more specific keywords, and consequently get much less competition. This kind of keywords will get less results when someone is searching for them, but the rankings they get will usually be much higher. It is very important to understand this concept, because it´s something we will use a lot when working with search engines.

     So, coming back to the previous example, instead of using “machines for exercises” as a keyword, it would be much better to use something like “machines for physical exercises at home for men” or “machines for full body physical exercises for women”. As you can see, these keywords are much more specific, but if you take a look, you will see that they still receive a good amount of searches every month.

     So, if you use more specific keywords and a good tool to see all the details behind, you will be able to get good rankings in the different search engines.

Which Tool Should We Use Then ?

     As I have previously stated, unfortunately Google Keyword Planner does not provide the necessary information to find the proper “low hanging fruit” keywords that we need.

     keyword-search-engine-ranking-3We have to find another tool. There are a lot of tools available in the internet, but you have to be careful because some of them even give false information. After trying several different ones, I currently use a tool called Jaaxy. It is in my humble opinion one of the best tools for this purpose of finding the best keywords.

     Jaaxy uses data sent by Google and provides very useful information about the competition, the amount of searches per month, etc. that each keyword gets. It also has some other features and as I said before, I believe it is one of the best tools to search for keywords.

     I have included a link to the Jaaxy website below so that you can have a look and decide for yourself. Click on it and try to search any keyword you want. Look at all the information you will get and try to figure out how you could use it to improve your rankings !!!

Now You Should Aim Like A Professional

     Looking for the right keywords is not the only thing that you have to learn to get good rankings at search engines. You also need to learn how and where should keywords be included in your posts for best results.

     There is a lot of misleading information about the SEO in the internet. There is also a lot of people who offers to do that job for you (choosing the right keywords and inserting them in your posts). But I believe that it is much better (and certainly cheaper) to understand the process and do it for yourself .

     I have never hired anyone to choose the right keywords for me. Specially taking into account that some people will ask for as much as $300 to do it !!!  As I said before, in my opinion it is much better if you do it yourself, because that way you understand, direct and control the whole process.

     In order to learn the right techniques, you should contact experienced people who already know very well how they work. When I first started to investigate the way to create my own business online, I found a lot of contradictory information about the SEO and the way they work. Finally after a lot of searching, I found a platform in the internet which provides the best information.

     That was exactly what I was looking for. Once I found that platform, I really started to understand how to build a webpage and how to get good rankings at SEO. And I even made some good online friends through the process !!!

     If you really want to learn how to get good rankings at SEO, you have to find the best possible education. Don´t hire anyone to do it for you and don´t follow any of the numerous systems or similar things that you will find in the internet saying that it can be done following a few simple steps.

     The platform I am talking about was very helpful when I started to build my own business online. It is absolutely free to start using it, and afterwards, if you want to continue learning and open a “premium” account, it will cost you a small fraction compared to what others will charge you.

Click Here To Go To The Best Platform

     I strongly recommend that you take a look and give it a go. I can guarantee that the access to the first 10 lessons is absolutely free and if you follow them you will start to learn all you need about SEO and how to optimize your website. You can also be part of an online community where you will meet people who is in the same situation as you.

Get Going Now !!!

     Now it is up to you, but I have shown you which is one of the best available tools to learn how the keyword search engine rankings work. And I have also shown you which is the online platform where you can learn everything you need to build your own business online.

     Make sure that you use Jaaxy to see the details of the different keywords and the rest of the information that the Google tool does not provide. And make sure that you get the best available education by clicking in the link above !!!

     You have to use those two tools to understand how the SEO work and how can you get the best out of them.

     So, are you going to use Jaaxy to find the right keywords for your web ?  Are you going to have a look at the platform I have recommended to learn what is SEO marketing about ?

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What Is SEO Marketing About

2 thoughts on “What Is SEO Marketing About

  • December 1, 2016 at 12:26 AM

    I know about SEO and the importance of rankings but it took me a while to figure it out. You are totally right about the “low hanging fruit” being the way to go; keywords with significant traffic but not too many other websites for that exact keyword or long-tailed keyword as it may be. I also recently discovered Jaaxy and it is amazing! I already have eight posts in the second and third page google searches and one that made page one:)

    • December 1, 2016 at 5:08 PM

      Hi Lynn and thanks for your comments.

      Congratulations for your rankings in page one and two, really impressing and not easy to achieve !!!


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