Neucopia, which comes from the latin word “copia” that means “abundance”, is one of the latest Multi Level Marketing programs to hit the market. But what is Neucopia about ?  This kind of programs try to convince people that they can earn money quickly and easily. This kind of pyramid style programs are popping up everywhere and they work on the premise of one person getting paid for recruiting the next person who will sign up.




Price:             $49,95 per month Basic, $169,95 per month Premium

Owner:           Rich Cook

Suitable for:   Nobody, it´s a scam !!!



What Is It About ?

     neucopia-1Just like many other similar cash giving programs, this website offers a 100% commission for the first sale if you are a Premium member which has a monthly fee of  $169,95.

     Before you start reading this Neucopia review, I must admit that I don´t have many positive things to say about this program. And the main reason is that I am getting tired of seeing how a lot of people get sucked to these borderline illegal pyramid style programs. But I suggest you continue reading because I would like to explain a few things about it so that you understand how does Neucopia really work.



Advantages And Disadvantages

     Before going into details, I want to clearly state which are the things that I like and which are the things that I don´t like about this program.


  • There are some videos with interesting interviews within the Premium membership.


  • Clearly too expensive.
  • Pyramid style program, bordering legality. No service is provided, you only sign up to promote the program itself to other people.
  • Commissions are not really 100% as advertised.
  • You need to be a Premium member to earn commissions for Premium memberships.
  • The program is unethical by nature.
  • The training for both kinds of membership (Basic and Premium) is not owned by Neucopia.
  • The customer service is a joke.
  • If you want to earn money, you have to promote the Neucopia program itself, which is quite unethical.



The Neucopia Program. How Does It Work ?

     Neucopia has a 2 or 3 level Multi Level Marketing commission payout system. If you open a Basic account, you give up your first 3 commissions and if you open a Premium account, you give up your first 2 commissions. The truth is that when you open an account in Neucopia, you are paying just to be a member because you don´t receive a training or anything like that.

     The costs of the different memberships are:

  • Basic membership:         $49,95 per month
  • Premium membership:  $169,95 per month

How much do you earn for each new person you sign up to Neucopia ?

     After the first 2 or 3 new members (depending on your account level)  which are free, you earn $100 for each new Premium membership.

     If you are a Basic member, the commissions are lower. Therefore you are somehow forced to sign up the Premium membership to reduce the number of initial “pass up”-s and to obtain a higher commission.

     Basically it is an Affiliate program that claims 100% commissions, but the truth is that at the end you earn much less than that.

The Neucopia Bonuses

     If you are a Premium member, you have an additional $10 bonus for every $100 commissions that the new members you have signed up make. But take into account that the new members you sign up will almost never be able to provide these bonuses, because they rarely sign up more than 2 new members (according to statistics it happens only in 10-15% of the cases).

     Well, I hope you have understood it correctly. If you already think that these kind of programs are unethical, you are absolutely right. They aren´t. These pyramid style progams continuously need new “members” to continue working.



What Does The Membership Include. Training

     This is where I started to realize that this program is a scam. If you want to get a quality training and service, forget about Neucopia and find something else. It´s priority is not providing a quality training, it´s priority is the pyramid style nature of its system.

     neucopia-4At the beginning it seems that they offer some interesting products and services. But the truth is that they are all products that they have purchased from other internet websites. They have bought the rights to be able to use some cheap services and contents, which in some cases are already obsolete, and then they offer them in their website to look like a serious program.

     As previously stated, some of the training modules are obsolete and you could buy them online for just $49, having access to 1.200 different courses (many more than Neucopia offers you).

     Here is an example of the misleading products that are included in their Basic membership.

     I would like to insist that these products have not been created by Neucopia, they have just bought them to be able to offer them at their website.

     neucopia-5Do you want to see something really interesting ?   If you do a quick search in Google for any of these products, you will see that you can get access to some of them totally free, without paying anything at all. For example, the “Blogging Profits Unleashed” product can be downloaded for free from the internet after doing a simple search in Google.

     So, some of the products that Neucopia offers can be obtained for free !!!  There is no need to pay $169 per month for a Premium membership to receive these obsolete materials and contents.

     And this is not all. After doing a little more research, I found an internet website where you can get all the training and contents that Neucopia offers for just a one time payment of $49,95.

     Out of all the programs I have reviewed so far, this is the worst one. It is a total and absolute scam !!!  Therefore, if you ever find this website while you are surfing in the internet, run away from it as fast as you can !



Customer Service At Neucopia

     neucopia-3This website was created by a guy called Rich Cook, who comes from the marketing world. I haven´t been able to find much information about Rick or his history, therefore I can´t tell you much about his professional experience.

     You can see videos from Rich Cook in the web, but you won´t be able to get direct help from him at Neucopia. That´s why you feel a little abandoned when you need some help. You may contact somebody else at the website, but my experience tells me that their only interest is that you continue promoting Neucopia so that their pyramid style system can continue working.

     If you are looking for a website that can provide training and will help you start a business, this is not the right place for sure.



The Price

     I have already explained which is the cost of the Neucopia program, but I will now give you some further details. Neucopia has 2 different membership levels:

Basic membership level. $49,95 per month.

     It includes a total of 34 products or training modules. Neucopia hasn´t created any of these products. They have bought them to other companies for a very low price and they try to sell them to you for a price of $49,95 per month. They are mainly old and obsolete products and services, and they don´t include a support service that will help you implement what you learn with them (if you really learn anything …).

     If you download a bunch of old internet marketing products and put them all in a messy pile, you will get something similar to what Neucopia is offering.

Premium membership level. $169,95 per month.  

     As we have explained for the Basic level, the training programs and the services they offer are not worth much. There is a little more variety of programs and contents, but all of them of a very low quality. The main difference of being a Premium member is that you get higher commissions when you sign up new members to Neucopia.

     There are also some monthly interviews with people from the internet business world. To be honest they are not worth much and most of them are just pure propaganda with the aim to promote or sell their own products. As it happens in the Basic membership level, the only way to earn money here is to sign up new members to the Neucopia program. The available training is minimal and very low grade, they are mainly modules that you could buy yourself for very little money in the internet.

     Therefore, the main difference of the Premium membership is that you get higher commissions when you sign up new members for Neucopia.



My Final Verdict About Neucopia

     When you are thinking about signing up one of these websites or programs in the internet, you need to know very clearly what are you really looking for. Are you only looking for money or are you trying to create a business that will provide some steady money income in the medium or long term ?  If you are only looking for money at any cost, then Neucopia can be good for you (but I doubt that you will recover the money you will need to invest). It is not very ethical, but there is no doubt that the commissions are quite high.

     But if you are looking for a quality training to create a steady business in the internet, you are making a huge mistake if you sign up at Neucopia. If you want to start a business, you must know that at Neucopia you are only going to be able to promote their pyramid style program. And you will have to try to sign up new members to maintain the program working. So if you really want to earn a honest income in the internet, Neucopia is not a good way to do it (click here to know a much better option to do that).

     This Neucopia website is about the worst thing I have ever seen. Apart from some monthly interview with some “experts”, there is really not much worthwhile. The only way to earn an income is getting new members, there is no other possibility. It is basically selling air from one person to the next.

     If you finally decide to join it is up to you, but don´t say I didn´t warn you and you didn´t know what is Neucopia about … !






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