In this post I will try to write a full Simple Money System review, so that you can learn what it is it all about.

     The truth is that I discovered Simple Money System and I tried it before I started to create my present website. In fact, I did make some money with it, but that doesn´t necessarily mean that it is a legit business.



Simple Money System


Price:             $44,90 per month.

Owner:           Joel Peterson

Suitable for:   Right now, nobody



What Does It Promote ?

     In one of the promotional videos that were available in the website some time ago, the owner Joel Peterson talked about the great advantages of being able to work from home writing blogs and the freedom it provides to your lifestyle.

     During the video, which is about 20 minutes long, Peterson repeats several times how marvelous life is when you can work from home and how many people has used his system to make money online in an easy way.

     In my humble opinion, the video was a little bit exaggerated and misleading, but at that time I was new to everything involved with making money in the internet, and therefore I wanted to believe it. The video said several times that using his system was totally free, so I thought I would try it.

     simple-money-system-6After opening an account, I was sent to the “member´s area” were a lot of training videos and similar things were available.

     I was pretty excited at the beginning. There was a very active Facebook group where its members shared their results and their opinions about the system, etc. Everybody helped each other. I even talked personally to Joel Peterson once and he seemed a great guy.

     I watched all the training videos and then, suddenly, they told me to sign up at another website called “Pure Leverage” to be able to implement what I had learned and start making money.

     Simple Money System is a website which provides a lot of training videos that will teach you how to deviate traffic from Facebook to the products that are offered at the Pure Leverage website. But you have to pay $44,90 per month to Pure Leverage to be able to promote their products. And you only earn money when somebody that you have “sent” to Pure Leverage through Simple Money System buys something.



But This Has Nothing To Do With Blogging

     In his promotional video, the owner Joel Peterson repeated several times that the system was based on writing blogs and make money through them.

     Writing blogs is what I do now. For example, this review is a blog that analyzes how Simple Money System works, because I have used it in the past, and I want to share my experience and my opinion with other people.

     simple-money-system-3One of the products that Pure Leverage offers is having your own blog in their platform. It is basically a pre-designed blog format and you can change its content and its appearance just clicking with your mouse. It is pretty easy to use.

     But the truth is that using this system you don´t really write your own content in the blogs. Joel Peterson renews this pre-designed blogs every week and he tells you to copy and paste his contents in your own blog.

     The contents that Joel used to write while I used the system talked about all kinds of different topics, for example “7 methods to create a business in the internet” or “How to stay motivated in hard times”. The blogs had attractive titles and the content was OK.

     I thought it was pretty strange to copy and paste Joel´s contents in my own blog, but I continued doing it. I didn´t feel very good copying and pasting the contents in my blog at Pure Leverage, but I convinced myself that I didn´t care much as long as it worked and I made money with it.

     And I made my first sale at Pure Leverage just a few days after I opened my account …



Advantages and Disadvantages

     Before explaining how the commissions are earned, I would like to tell you which are in my opinion the advantages and disadvantages of this system.



  • The Facebook group was a community where the members really wanted to help each other.
  • I once had the chance to talk personally to the owner Joel Peterson.
  • The printable guide was really helpful to understand what I had to do to earn a commission.
  • The Facebook training was also really helpful.


  • It is advertised as a “free” system but the reality is that it costs money. I like things to be transparent since the very beginning, not lies.
  • I didn´t like the fact that other people could access my Facebook page.
  • Everything was copying and pasting. There wasn´t really an option to create your own original content.
  • When I made my first commission, I felt like I had scammed the person who bought from me.

     Yes, I made a sale a few days after I opened my account in Simple Money System, but I felt very strange selling products that way. I felt like I had scammed the guy who bought from me. And that is not exactly what you are looking for when you are trying to start a business online to make money in a sustainable way.

     Even if having access to an online community and being able to speak personally to the owner were positive things, my overall impression about Simple Money System wasn´t good. The system is advertised as free when the truth is that you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to sell products and earn commissions. And the training also requires you to do some things that I dind´t like much.



My Initial Sale Was Strange

     So, the system works as follows. To make sales you have to look for Facebook pages to get into and then tell people that you want to get friend requests.

     I made comments about important people and about famous business people to try to get attention. I thought that the people who is interested in starting an online business would be interested in this kind of comments.

     And it worked. I spent a few days trying to follow the guide that is provided at the website. I made about 20 Facebook comments a day, I asked people to add me to their friends list, I wrote posts in Facebook about how to earn money in the internet and I copied and pasted the proposed contents. And then, all of a sudden, I made my first sale and got my first commission.

     You can´t expect that people will buy a product just because you have left a few comments. You have to build a stronger relationship with the potential customers that you are contacting through Facebook. And once you have built a stronger relation and you have your customers´ confidence, you can send them the link to the offer and get them through the system to buy.

     simple-money-system-7The guy to whom I finally sold the product was a nice guy. We had a lot of things in common and we even became friends. But when he realized that Simple Money System wasn´t a real business opportunity, he felt scammed and he asked me to return his money.

     I helped him, of course. I returned the money and apologized. I told him that I was only following the instructions given by the system. He answered me that I had to stop cheating people like that just to obtain some easy money.

     I felt real bad after that experience. That guy was a nice person and we even became friends as I have already explained before. But when he found out what Simple Money System really is, he thought that I was just a swindler.

     Some of the contacts that I made in Facebook were people from all over the world and I received a few strange messages from some of them. I got a little bit scared, because I had a lot of private information in my Facebook account, for example my home address, where I went to school, etc. … And I decided that I didn´t want to have such a personal information fully exposed to anyone.



Failure Leads To Success

     After following with the same system for a few weeks, I realized that most of the people that I contacted gave me the same answer. Most of them didn´t really have the impression that Simple Money System was a real business opportunity, and they didn´t want to get involved with something like that.

     To tell you the truth, I thought about using what I had learned in the training to continue contacting people in Facebook and try to sell them something different.

     Simple Money System does have a few interesting things, for example a community with people who is always ready to help and a training that can be useful. But the overall impression for the people was that the whole thing was a scam, so at the end most of them would leave and ask for a refund.

     My opinion:





     This failure made me continue searching for some other different business opportunities in the internet, and that´s how I found the platform that I finally used to build my present business.

     I liked the idea to make money writing blogs and belonging to an online community that would help me during all the process of building my own business. And that´s exactly what the platform that I currently use does. I believe this platform is the best available option if you want to start a new business in the internet.


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     So, tell me, have you understood my Simple Money System review ?

     If positive, do you agree with some of the things I have explained above ?



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Simple Money System Review

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