If you really want to know how to learn digital marketing, first of all you need to understand which are the present internet online marketing trends.

     There are many different ways to promote a product or service in the internet. That´s why the most important thing is to know which methods really work and which is the easiest way to achieve whatever you are looking for.

     I usually divide digital marketing in three different types, depending on how do I see the market nowadays. The first type is the traditional website marketing, then you have the social networks and finally the most recent websites.

     I will explain the three different types first, and afterwards I will tell you which is my favourite one and which are the results that I have achieved so far by using it.



Traditional Website Marketing

     There are several different ways to promote a website, but right now I would like to concentrate in one of the most powerful methods of all, and that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

     Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo have been already working for a while, and they continue being just as powerful as they were in the beginning (or in some cases even more…).

     the-basics-of-internet-marketing-1Many people use social networks as their main marketing method, but if you understand and learn how do the SEO work, I do believe that you can achieve better results at a much lower cost.

     If you can find the appropriate keywords for your webpages and/or posts, you will then be able to get good rankings for your website at the search engines. That way you will reach the people who are looking exactly for whatever you are offering.

     This basic internet marketing method will allow you to target specific audiences based in keywords that are actually being searched. But you need to know which keywords are being searched at the moment and which ones are more appropriate for a particular page or post.

     For example, if I had a website dedicated to organic foods, I would have to write several different posts about this kind of foods. That would include recommendations, informative pages, etc.

     Following with the same example, I would try to use the keyword “organic foods for  women” and would discover that it gets about 40 searches per month and does not have much competition among other webpages dedicated to organic foods. But I shouldn´t concentrate in that keyword only, because maybe the people you are targeting are only looking for information about this kind of organic foods, or maybe they are just looking for some images. And you want to target the people who clearly have the intention to buy these organic foods.

     Therefore, I would try the keyword “organic foods for women over 50” and see that it receives a lower amount of searches per month. But I should write a post or some content about it, because if somebody is searching for that particular keyword, the possibilities that they will end up buying something are much higher than in the previous case.

     So, I should write some content about organic foods for women over 50 in my website. And afterwards I would include a link to send the people to Amazon to buy the actual organic foods (and I would then get a commission), or even create your own organic food brand.

     That´s the way that SEO-s and the traditional website marketing have worked for the last 10 years. When you get good rankings in a search engine, you can attract the desired audience for whatever you are marketing or selling. This method still works today and in fact it is the main digital marketing method that I use for my website.



Digital Marketing In Social Networks

     Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Vine, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. … If you haven´t  been living inside a cave during the last few years, you must have heard about those social networks and most probably you use more than one of them.

     The social networks are also known as 2.0 websites. Marketing all kinds of products on those websites has become something usual and companies pay large amounts of money to specialized agencies to share their stories through those sites.

     the-basics-of-internet-marketing-8I use social networks every once in a while because hundreds of millions of people use them too, but they are not my main objective. My main interest is using the previously described traditional marketing method (creation of contents optimized for search engines).

     But I do share some of my contents in the social networks. I mainly use Instagram because I believe that it has a very promising future and because it is very easy to open an account and start using it.

     All I do with Instagram is create an attractive post with a hashtag which is related to the picture I am sharing at that moment. I also use it to follow people who have similar interests to mine. I market my website in Instagram and follow people who are interested in business, online marketing and related issues.

     I contact this kind of people and afterwards I guide them to my website and try to help them in whatever they are looking for. Most of the people that I contact are seriously thinking about building their own business and I know the best way to do it. Therefore I can help them with that.

     Therefore, concerning the social networks, Instagram is clearly my favourite one, but I also share some of my posts through Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and even Reddit. Social networks don´t usually provide an audience who is specifically interested in the same subject that your website talks about, but they sure help you bring more traffic to your website.

     I must admit that I have little experience about advertising in social networks like for example Facebook Ads. In the next months I plan to invest a small part of the money that I make with my online business advertising in Facebook, but that´s all.

     Facebook has some amazing tools to target very specific groups of people. But that is also why I like SEO-s so much, you can target a specific audience without having to invest any money in advertising.



Most Recent Social Networks

     Snapchat, Meerkat, Periscope, Beme and even Facebook … These are quite recent platforms and there are a few more around the internet. They are basically live platforms.

     I personally don´t use them much. SnapChat seems to be a good tool to attract people´s attention, but it is difficult to get followers if you don´t already have them in another website of platform.

     If you want to have more followers in SnapChat, you need to have followers in another platform like Facebook or Instagram and then share some contents which show how do you use SnapChat with your code, some screenshots and whatever you want.

     the-basics-of-internet-marketing-9You can write some stories about what you are doing with you website and your products, and the people will surely pay attention to it. You can attract the people´s audience and afterwards guide them towards the products and/or services that you are offering. It is easier than you think.

     The hardest thing is to get people to really follow you. Right now I don´t use SnapChat yet because I am focused in SEO and Instagram, but I am sure that I will end up using it in the near future. I believe that it is a platform that will have a huge success !

     Concerning the other similar platforms like Meerkat, Periscope, Beme and others … Of course it is interesting to know them and watch where are they heading to. Meerkat and Periscope are both tools which will allow you to contact in real time with the people who are following you. They can chat with you, see the content in your website, etc.

     There are a lot of people who use this kind of platforms when they are going to give a speech or when they want to talk about a specific subject to their audience. It´s nice because it allows you to interact directly with the people and that way, they feel more comfortable talking to you.

     Facebook has also jumped into this issues with Facebook Live and lately I have seen some famous people using it quite regularly. As far as I know, having lots of followers is helpful when you use Facebook Live, because they receive a notification which informs them that you are going to go live and that way they can tune in. This would be a very powerful tool for Facebook pages with a high number of followers.

     I think that applications like Periscope, Meerkat, SnapChat and Beme are probably the future of internet marketing. A lot of people has already realized and they are interested in this kind of platforms. Therefore, it seems reasonable to think that we will also have to adapt to these changes.

     It is important to watch these changes and to try to adapt to the evolving environment, because it affects directly to the world of internet marketing we are talking about.



How Should You Start Learning ?

     There are many different internet marketing methods, for example e-mail marketing, PPC advertising, video marketing, etc. I started with SEO because creating my own content was something that didn´t bother me due to the fact that those contents were based in one of my hobbies.

     One of my websites is dedicated to restoring old motorcycles, which is one of my main hobbies. I have created a good amount of content, optimized it through SEO and right now, that website provides me a full-time income.

     This website “Internet Business Ideas” allows me to create content and help others to achieve their dream of building their own business in the internet. This website also gives me the opportunity to write content about personal development, digital marketing and some internet platform reviews. I enjoy doing that !!!

     the-basics-of-internet-marketing-10Learning how the SEO works is not very difficult, and once you do, you can deliver a good amount of traffic to your website without any cost. That is why I like it so much !!!

     If you really want to start learning the basics of internet marketing, I sincerely recommend that you click on the link included below. That link will take you to a platform that I personally use everyday. It mainly talks about SEO marketing because it is considered to be the best marketing method without any additional costs. But this platform also provides a lot of information to learn about social networks, e-mail marketing, local marketing and many other things.

     If you are interested in learning what is a online marketing strategy and the things I have explained in this post, please be sure to click in the link below. Without the help of that platform I wouldn´t have learned how the internet marketing works !!!


Click Here To Learn More About Internet Marketing !



     Have you already decided which marketing method is best for you ?

     Are you ready to use internet marketing in business ?  Have you already understood how to learn digital marketing ?



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How To Learn Digital Marketing

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  • November 30, 2016 at 11:28 PM

    It’s far a fantastic information set. You won appreciate from the middle of my heart. I’m thinking to process SEO and email advertising collectively. Am I choosing the correct route? BTW what you think is the beautiful process of virtual advertising (online)?

    Thanks for putting this all together my friend!

    Wish you all the best

    • December 1, 2016 at 5:06 PM

      Hi Kevin and thanks for your kind comments.

      To be honest, I can´t tell you much about email advertising, because I don´t know much about it and I haven´t used is so far.

      All the best



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