Many people is asking the same thing, do you know Wealthy Affiliate ?  I joined Wealthy Affiliate more or less one year ago, therefore I think I know pretty well what it is. To make it short, it´s an educational social network (and not a scam as some people define it). But anyway I will try to write a complete review in this post, so that everyone can learn what it is.

     Wealthy Affiliate works like some other similar websites like Facebook or Twitter. But instead of putting the focus in sharing pictures, videos and things like that, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where different people who are mainly interested in making money in the internet, help each other to achieve their objective. 

     So far, being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has been quite an entertaining and beneficial experience for me. And that is why I would like to explain what can you exactly expect being members of Wealthy Affiliate.


wealthy-affiliate-9Wealthy Affiliate


Price:              $ 0

Owner:           Kyle & Carson

Suitable for:   Begginers, experienced people … Anyone !



What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

     If you want to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it works, first of all you have to understand what affiliate marketing consist of, and what does being an affiliate mean.

     For those of you who don´t still know about it, this is something that you must read carefully and understand very well !

     An affiliate is basically a person who has reached an agreement with a company through its affiliate program, with the objective of bringing customers to its website, who will eventually end up buying products from the company.

     wealthy-affiliate-4As a compensation for sending customers to the company´s website, the affiliate will receive a commission for each product that is purchased by them. These commissions can vary from company to company, starting from 3% all the way up to 50%.

     Nowadays, all kinds of companies have affiliate programs. Big and well known companies like for example Wal-Mart, Amazon, Apple, etc. have their own affiliate programs since years ago.

     For example, I joined Amazon´s affiliate program sometime ago and they pay me a commission between 2,5% and 8,0% for each product that is bought by the customers that I send to their website through my affiliate links.

     This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate will teach you. You will learn how to promote products that you know about or products that are related with your hobbies, etc. That way you will earn commissions sending people who want to buy those products to your affiliate companies !  



Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wealthy Affiliate

     wealthy-affiliate-6There is nothing perfect in life and despite my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been very good so far, there are a few negative details that I noticed at the beginning and may cause some people to turn away from the platform.

     However, I want to clearly state from the beginning that in my opinion the advantages of the platform clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

     I will try to explain both the good and the bad sides in detail, so that you can understand them perfectly. That way you will have a better idea of what it is to be a member of this platform.



  • Getting started and opening an account is free, which is quite unusual for this kind of websites.
  • The community is very friendly and there is always somebody ready to help you.
  • The support team provides a quick answer to any technical problem or question you may have.
  • The training is thorough and goes step by step to make sure you don´t miss any detail.
  • Creating a website within the platform is really simple. You can have your own website in a few minutes with a few clicks !
  • There are hundreds of specific training courses to learn anything related with online and affiliate marketing.
  • There aren´t many different options with extra costs. There is only one option to upgrade to “premium” level which has a higher cost, but that´s all.
  • The owners really care about the business and they take time to talk to almost all the members.


  • It is a social network and the same way it happens with similar websites, you can get distracted and spend too much time.
  • It is a little bit difficult to move around the website at the beginning.
  • There are some members who don´t give good advice (not many).
  • If you want to make good money, you have to look in the long term. I personally needed 6 months to start making a decent amount of money.
  • Sometimes it takes a few days until you receive an answer to your questions.
  • It is possible to make some money with the initial free “starter” account, but if you want to do some serious business, you have to go “premium”.

    As I have already stated before, in my opinion the advantages of Wealthy Affiliate clearly outweigh the disadvantages (which in some cases are really minor details).

     When I first started to use the platform, sometimes I realized I was browsing around the website instead of working on my own sites, etc. I used to get a little confused and had to ask for help quite often in the Live Chat. And the truth is that it took me a little time until I started making some money.

     But now that I know the platform and have been using it for a while, I think it is pretty simple to navigate. I believe the same thing happens with most of the websites. You get crazy at the beginning, but then you get used to them and it´s much easier than it seemed.

     It took me about a month to understand how the Wealthy Affiliate website really worked. In my first month I made $3.15 which is obviously not enough to live with. But after a few months following the training and some of the different available courses at the “premium” account, now I make anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 per month.

     It takes quite a long time to become an affiliate marketing expert. If you are looking for quick cash, this is not your business. It isn´t possible to get rich overnight with this type of websites.



Who Is This Suitable For ?

     If you are looking for a way to create your own business based in your hobbies or passions, you should definitely take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate website.

     The people there are very kind and they are always ready to help you with any doubt or any problem you may have. If you want to make money promoting a product that you like, Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to do it through their simple and detailed training courses and with a community which is always ready to help you.

     If you want to change your life, if you want to start a new business in the internet, I sincerely believe this is the platform you need.

     wealthy-affiliate-12If you spend most of your time at work and you don´t have enough time to dedicate it to the real important things in life, then Wealthy Affiliate is what you need. I know it may seem crazy and even misleading, but I promise it´s true.

     You need some time to get things going, sure. But if you take the time to follow the training courses and put them into practice, you will finally be able to work at something you like, you will be able to live on it and you will have more free time to dedicate it to the important things in life.

     That´s exactly what I do now. Right now my blogs make money every month almost automatically, so I have plenty of free time to dedicate it to whatever I want. Creating your own website allows you to have a “passive” income source, and believe me, that´s the best way to make money !

     When I first started building my own website, I was working 5 afternoons a week in a restaurant. I was attending college during the morning from Monday to Friday … But during the weekends, instead of going out and partying with my friends, I dedicated my free time to build my own business in the internet with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. And I can assure you it was worth it 100%.



Are The Training Courses Effective ?

     Most of the other similar websites and platforms that I have tried also provide training courses and videos like Wealthy Affiliate does. But all of a sudden they pull up a sophisticated program like for example Photoshop, and tell you to edit some photos and make some very technical changes. But the reality is that most people don´t have those programs and the required knowledge to use them properly.

     You will not find difficult, very technical lessons in the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle, one the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, personally explains the courses of the two main training platforms.

     First of all you have got the Online Entrepeneur Certification training, which explains step by step how can you build your own business in the internet, using your knowledge about one of your hobbies or something that interests you. This is the main training and the one I followed until the end to create my current website which now provides a full-time passive income source.

     And then you have the Affiliate Bootcamp, which is for the people who still don´t know very well what kind of business could they start, and therefore they build a website to actually promote Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has a very lucrative affiliate program and the “Affiliate Bootcamp” training teaches step by step which is the best way to promote it.

     Both training programs are full of contents with a high educational value. First of all you need to fill in the required data to open your initial account and then you will be able to create your own website to implement what you have learned, and finally will start making money in the internet.

     I have never found a better website to learn how to create a website and make money online, and I can assure you I have tried many different things.

     I have tried creating advertisements with Craiglist, going into Facebook groups to guide people to other websites which sell different products, filling in surveys, I have also tried Simple Money System and a few more things.

     I have tried a lot of things that just don´t work, and that´s why I can tell you for sure that Wealthy Affiliate is clearly the best way to create an online business. Believe me, they have the best platform to create a website and start making money with it.

     In every lesson, Kyle explains step by step what do you have to do through video and text. At the end of each lesson there is a list of things that you should do or understand, to make sure that you are following the training properly. You can also contact other people who are in the same phase of the training to comment doubts, share opinions, etc.

     This kind of training also allows you to move on at your own pace. Kyle and Carson put at your disposal a huge amount of very valuable information to create your own online business.

     The best thing is that you will be able to implement the things that you are learning almost immediately. As a matter of fact, you can even start making money before finishing the training courses. That is something that you won´t be able to do at any university !!!

     For me, the best way to follow the training is to implement whatever you learn from Kyle in each course in your website. So, every time I was watching a training video and Kyle would explain how to do something, I would pause it and try to do it exactly the same way in my own website. Then I would continue watching the video and follow the same procedure until the end.



The Support Service

     The support Service that an educational platform or website can provide is one of the most important things. Without a good support service, many people will quit and give up as the usual obstacles and difficulties in any learning process arise.

     Having a good support service helps you achieve your goals sooner and in a more effective way. Having a good support service and an online community which is always ready to help, transforms a good educational platform in an excellent platform.

     But how does the support service exactly work ?  Wealthy Affiliate´s websites are created using WordPress and are managed through a website manager called SiteRubix.

     wealthy-affiliate-10Within SiteRubix you can find the “Manager”, a website builder, an area where you can receive comments on your most recent posts, an area where you receive general comments about your website and finally a support area as well.

     If you click on the “Site Support” tab included in SiteRubix, you will be able to send a request for help. That request will usually be answered quickly by the support team at Wealthy Affiliate.

     The “Site Support” tab is really for technical issues. For example, if your website gets blocked o doesn´t work properly, Site Support is the place to go.

     But if you want to ask questions about other issues, for example, how can you do some specific thing in WordPress, or which are the best affiliate programs around, or how can you give a better structure to your website, then you can turn to the community and ask for help.

     There are two different ways to do it. You can go directly to the Live Chat area and contact someone who is connected and can help you. Or otherwise you can send a specific question explaining which is your problem and you will get the answer probably a bit later.

     Both ways are good enough and you will always get an answer to your questions from the community. And that is something that you will not find in most of the educational online platforms.



Detailed Cost

     There are two different memberships available at the Wealthy Affiliate program:

     “Starter” membership, which costs $0 and therefore is totally free (Join Here)

    Premium” membership which costs $47 per month or $359 per year (Join Here)

     And that´s all, there are no more options. If you decide to open a Premium account, you will also have to buy a domain name for your website. But that is very cheap, it only costs about $15 a year.

     You can create 2 websites absolutely free from SiteRubix using the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You will also have a 7 day trial period to connect to the community and check how it works. That period will also include the possibility to use other tools within the platform, for example the keyword tool.

     This is all very interesting because you will be able to own 2 real websites absolutely free and you will be able to include all the content that you want. If you already have an idea for your future website, this way you can use those two websites to try different things and see how they work.

     As I previously explained, there is only one upgrade option which is called Premium. Being a Premium member will give you total and unlimited access to the community and the rest of the tools included in the platform.

     Take a look at the graph below to see the differences between being a “Starter” member and a “Premium” member.



     As you can see, the Premium account has a number of important advantages for those who are really ready to start an online business.

     Not only you gain full access to everything that the website offers, you also get full access to the community, which in my case was essential to be successful with my website.

     As a Starter member, you have access to one training course within the Online Entrepeneurship Certification and another course within the Affiliate Bootcamp. As a Premium member, you have access to all the training courses within both modules.

     Each course has 10 lessons, therefore as a Starter member you have access to 20 lessons and a Premium member has access to 100 lessons.

     These lessons are very valuable and both if you are an absolute rookie concerning online business or if you already have some experience … I am sure that you will learn a few new things with these courses. I can guarantee that.

     I have been a Premium member for more than a year now, and every penny I have paid has been worth it. All the money I have invested is justified and if it wasn´t for the training and the help of the online community that I have received at Wealthy Affiliate, I am sure I wouldn´t be here today.



How Much Can You Earn ?

     I want to give you an idea of how much money you can make with your own online business, and I think that the best way is to share my own personal earnings.

     I would never recommend something like this if it hadn´t worked for me first and if I hadn´t made money with it.

     If I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for more than a year now, it is because thanks to their training I have been able to create a website that has allowed me to make real money online.

     I have made money online before with some other platforms, but nothing compared to what I have recently achieved with Wealthy Affiliate.

     Right now I have a full-time income with my websites. But as you probably imagine, I don´t make the same amount of money every month. In business, the amount of cash you can make can vary from one month to another. That´s how business works.

     After working on my own website for something more than a year, I can say that I make enough money to live quite comfortably from commissions coming from affiliate programs.

     I am not saying this to brag or anything, I just want you to understand that Welthy Affiliate really works !  Creating your own website is clearly the best way to make money online and Wealthy Affiliate will show you the best possible way to do it.



My Final Veredict

     So, after reading this post, you can already have an idea of which is my final verdict about Wealthy Affiliate. But the best thing is that you open an Starter account and check it out for yourself. You have nothing to loose, because opening an account and connecting with the rest of the members of the platform is totally free. So why don´t you join right now and check it out ?

     You will understand what it is much better if you see it with your own eyes and try it for yourself. Creating your own websites and seeing how they grow and develop is a lot of fun, especially if they are based on something that you like or you are passionate about. Once you have checked it for yourself, you will know what is the Wealthy Affiliate scam about.

     Believe me, you will not regret opening a Starter account (100% free) and taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

My final verdict:



Totally Legit !


Click Here To Go To Wealthy Affiliate !



     So, after reading this post, do you know Wealthy Affiliate ?  Are you going to try it ?

     What do you think is the best thing about it ?



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