Most of us have had some jobs that we hated. I remember that I often used to wonder “why do I hate my job ?”. You usually know very well which are the reasons to hate your job, but you have to bear it because you need the money. Maybe you even have one of those jobs right now and you have to get up early tomorrow to clock in …

     Many different researches show that approximately 7 out of 10 people hate their job. That is 70% of people, which is a very high figure in my opinion !  And if people don´t start building their own business and working in something related with their hobbies as I recommend here, that number will increase year by year.

     I also had a few jobs in the past that I hated. I worked at a gas station and at a restaurant, and I can tell you that the only reason why I didn´t leave those jobs was because I really needed the money.

     Most of the times you always find some nice people at those jobs and you enjoy working and spending time with them. But despite that, there were always some things that made me hate those jobs and that´s what I want to explain in this post.

     I am now going to give you a few reasons to understand why in my opinion a lot of people hate their job. I am sure that many of you also think about them while you are working.



Things I thought About When I Had A Job

     This is a list of the ideas and thoughts that me and my colleagues usually had while we were working:


     1. What Time Is It ?

      This is something that we asked each other all the time. My coworkers and me were always looking at the clock, waiting for the time to go home. Every hour that passed was a blessing because it meant that the time to leave was closer … Going home was our #1 priority.


     2. I Don´t Get Paid Enough For The Work I Do

      This is a comment I heard over and over again to my coworkers, especially when I worked at the restaurant. I used to get my hands burnt with the grease and they were always telling me to hurry up and go help someone else, just because I was the newbie … The pittance I earned was not enough to arrive home with my hands burnt and smelling like fish !!!


     3. This Guy Will Never Shut Up ?

      If you have been working for more than a couple of months, I am sure that you have had this thought. Everybody has had a coworker that will never shut up and will spend most of his time complaining about how miserable his life is, how many bills he has to pay every month, etc. … When you have one of these jobs, you only want to go there, do your work, try to have some fun if possible and leave. You don´t want to spend your entire work shift hearing one of your coworkers complaining about his miserable life !


     4. When Will I Get A Raise ?

      Maybe it is not something that happens everywhere, but in my previous jobs, the workers who really deserved it always had problems to get a pay raise. I once had to wait for 6 months for a raise that I really needed, just because the people at the office and the bosses didn´t care about my situation. This is one of the main advantages of being your own boss compared to being an employee. I still hear my friends saying that they don´t get the raise that they deserve quite often !


     5. I Deserve Something Better

      This is one of the positive thoughts you can have while you are working at a job that you hate. If at least you realize that you deserve something more that you´ve got, that is great !  I used to think about this quite often while at work. We should always try to get a job that we like, or at least a job that we don´t hate.


     6. I Hate Hanging Around And Doing Nothing

      I remember when I used to work at a gas station and sometimes I spent hours paying around with my mobile phone because there were no customers and I had nothing else to do. I would sit down in the back and think about other things. I was bored stiff while I was earning my salary doing absolutely nothing.


     7. Go Away !!!

      We all have had a boss at some point that gets on our nerves. It is also related to what I previously explained in point 3, but in this case I want to focus on bosses that are mean on purpose. I remember a manager we had, she was really bad. Once, a friend of mine had a couple of extra pepperoni pieces in a pizza and when she saw it, she started to shout like crazy and made him throw the whole pizza away !!!  What a waste !  Every time she was at the restaurant, we would all concentrate in our job and try to ignore her. We wanted her to go away !!!


     8. Am I Going To Get Fired ?

      We all have made mistakes at work. Personally I believe that making mistakes is something positive, because that is how you really learn how to do things the right way. The minute you make a mistake, you learn what you shouldn´t do if the same situation appears in the future. The problem is that if you work for somebody else, a mistake could even cost you your job. I remember that once I put a plastic tray through the oven because a coworker told me it was OK to do so. I should have known it was a crazy thing, but I was a newbie at the time … The tray melted inside the oven and it costed over $400 to repair it. I was very upset and thought I was going to get fired, but fortunately I wasn´t. I learned a lesson, but many other people who make mistakes at their workplace cannot say the same thing. I have seen some of my friends getting fired for similar things.


     9. I Don´t Want To Get Up

      This is one of the main reasons why I hated my job. When I was working at the gas station, I was still going to college, so I used to take a short nap after lunch before going to work. I used to set a very loud alarm to wake up, and anyway I would do it in a bad mood because it meant that it was time to go to work.


     10. Do We Earn The Same Salary ?

      I have left the best one for the end. Sometimes I really tried to work hard to make sure the business was doing good. And at the same time, I would see some of my coworkers who were sitting down, doing nothing and sending messages to friends with their mobile phones. We both earned the same salary. I was working hard, sweating, to make sure that the business was running while my coworker was literally doing nothing and didn´t even try to help me. And I made the same money as the lazy guy next to me. That´s one of the things I hated most about my job.

     I believe that the previous list includes the main reasons why most people hate their job. Basically you are working for someone else making their dreams come true and you make the same money as the lazy guy next to you. And this thought led me to the next very important question …



What Can You Do About It ?

     I am sure that most of you have had some of the experiences that I have described in the previous list. I am sure that you have had those thoughts sometime while you were working.

     When we are young, they tell us that we have to try to make our dreams come true. But I was afraid that I would get out of college and I would face real life without any experience. College didn´t teach me enough to know what should I do and where should I go in life afterwards.

     But there is always a solution to any problem you may face. Internet has become one of the best tools to obtain an alternative money income, and that way be able to leave your previous job.

     That is exactly what I did !  I wanted to build my own business in the internet, and I had it very clear in my mind that I didn´t want to continue working for other people at a standard job.

     Here is a list of some reasons why making money in the internet is a great idea for 2019 and the coming years:

  • Creating a website has never been so easy (you can have your own web in 5 minutes if you want to).
  • More people uses internet everyday than ever before.
  • More people buys products and spends money online that ever before.
  • There are no barriers anymore to create a website. You don´t need to be a computer genius to get it done.

     It is a pain to have a job you hate, I know perfectly what it means. The only positive thing about it is when you finally realize that you have to do something to change your situation.

     If you know that you hate your job, then it´s time to change. And that change can become something very, very positive if you finally decide to get out of the day to day grind and try to build your own business in the internet.



Are You Sick And Tired Of Your Boss ?

     As I have already said several times in this post, nobody should be working at a job they hate. Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions about your current employer below. I will be more than happy if that way you can at least release some of that negative energy.

     why-do-you-hate-your-job-5I only want you to understand one last thing before finishing this post. Starting your own business is not really so hard as it may seem at the beginning. All you need to start is an internet connection, a computer and the true desire to say bye-bye to your boss. If you have those 3 things, you are half way through.

     If you want to create your own business in the internet and make money, you should have a close look to the website I recommend. I found that website about one year ago and thanks to it, I haven´t worked for anybody else in the last 6 months.

     There is an entire online community that wants you to succeed. And I will also be there ready to help you whenever you need it !

     So, now you know which are the reasons to hate your job … But are you ready for something new, for something better ?



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Why Do I Hate My Job

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Hate My Job

  • November 24, 2016 at 11:10 PM

    Your list a whole lot of stuff and I believe that this is enough to cause a person think that working fro themselves is the best thing and if the truth can be told I believe that more people would be happy working for themselves , because you can set you rate of pay and all the other good stuff that comes along with being your own boss or being in control. Thanks again for sharing this awesome information, all the best to you.

    • November 25, 2016 at 8:00 AM

      Thak you very much for your comments. All the bedt to you too !!!

  • November 24, 2016 at 11:12 PM

    I completely relate to this! I was at a job I didn’t like, with people I didn’t care for, because I HAD to be there to make money. I was tired of being told what to do and not being able to make decisions for myself or my future.
    I quit that job last summer to pursue an interest of mine and create a website dedicated to hair care. It’s so much better doing something you love!

    • November 25, 2016 at 7:59 AM

      It is good to see that other people has the same opinion. Thanks for your comments and good luck with your website.


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